Why waste time writing your own emails?

Emails take effort, but they don't have to.. What if you had your own personal email writer? One that could write emails for you?

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Busy Professionals Use AlphaMail

"I've been using AlphaMail for a while now, and I like it. It's saved me so much time, and it's super easy to use. I like that I can just type what I'm thinking so I don't have to waste time writing corporate jargon."

Elisha, Senior Developer at Nike

"I've been using AlphaMail for a few months now and I must say, I'm impressed. It writes with a level of sophistication and professional prose that I could achieve on my own - only 10x faster. It's saved me a ton of time."

Ajay, Designer & Developer at Incremental Design

"AlphaMail has been a godsend for my team. We can generate emails for internal projects or clients with the click of a button. Plus, we can tweak the writing style to be more casual or more formal, depending on the email. It's a time saver for sure."

John, Project Manager at Leafboats

Is this you? Wasting time writing tons of emails every day?

It's 4:50 on a Friday. You get an email from your boss asking for an update on the new project. Now you have to stay past 5 o'clock crafting your meeting notes into an professional response.

You get so many emails, and just want to focus on the important stuff.

Emails take time away from your busy schedule... and that sucks.

You're tirose of having to write everything in corporate jargon.

What if you could just type bullet points, and quit wasting time writing prose?

Time For AlphaMail.

AI Crafted Emails

Just type some bullet points of what you want to say. Then, watch the Natural Language Processing AI craft an email in seconds. Open for editing in your email client with one click, or retry until you're satisfied.

for you

The more key points you tell AlphaMail, the more personal it becomes. Every key idea, sentiment, or thought that you offer is included - no matter how many.

Casual or Professional

With AlphaMail, you can choose between a professional or casual writing style. Whether you're sending a professional business email or a casual message to a friend, AlphaMail generates it in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does AlphaMail... work?

Our AI-powerose technology is trained on 176 billion data points - academic journals, college essays, emails, books, and so on. It uses Natural Language Processing to access those different writing styles, a range of vocabulary, and various prose.

My email data is sensitive, and private. How do I know its safe with you?

Well, because your data isn't actually with us.There are no databases, and no autosave feature. As soon as you refresh the page, your input and your generated email will be gone... forever. This way, everything is in your control, and you can have peace of mind. We make money off subscriptions, not data.

What if the AI generates something random, that doesn't make sense?

Since the AI is trained on so much data, occasionally you might encounter a response that doesn't make sense, or says something random. If this happens, all you need to do is hit retry.

Anything else?

Feel free to reach out to our customer support team anytime. We'll do our best to respond in 24 hours. Yes, we actually check this. We want to make AlphaMail better, and our customers help us do that.

AlphaMail writes emails, so you don't have to.

Powerful AI that helps you write fast, so you can spend less time in your inbox and more time in the present moment.

Free to try - no signup. Test it out, then decide if you like it - before you make an account.